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Tom Brown

The young gun chef behind Cornerstone

In Conversation

After the recent opening of his debut restaurant Cornerstone in Hackney, we speak to the young gun chef.

What’s your all time favourite London restaurant?
Lyle’s and The Marksman are high up on my list of favourites. I recently visited som saa which was incredible too!

Which chefs should we be watching this year?
Kirk Haworth and James Cochran for sure!

Favourite Hackney haunt?
The Hackney Pearl. It’s adjacent to Cornerstone and before we opened they pretty much let me set up my office there… thanks guys!

What’s your local?
Crate in Hackney Wick. It’s right by the canal and when the sun is shining it is just bliss.

Where do you escape to for a weekend break?
I try to get down to Cornwall as much as possible – I love it down there.

Originally published on
15th May 2018


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