Koreans looking to escape the trappings of city life head to volcanic Jeju Island in the Korea Strait. Known locally as ‘The Island of the Gods’, it boasts several beautiful waterfalls, a mountainous crater lake, and beaches. GuemNeung is quieter than neighbouring Hyeopjae, with a beautiful emerald sea crashing against a white sand beach. Look out for the female divers or ‘haenyo’ gathering seafood on the shores and pairs of grandfather statues, or ‘dol hareubang’.

UJ’s Insider Tips

Head to Loveland, a sculpture park with a bit of sexual frisson created by graduates of Seoul’s Hongik University. Considered Jeju’s most infamous tourist attraction, there are over 140 adult-themed exhibits – anything from oversized appendage-shaped fountains to seductively reclining Goldfinger blondes. The park has a sex shop attached, sure to put a whole new spin on ‘souvenir’.

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