Whilst Londoners might not have immediate access to a beach come summer, they’re not stuck inside taking extended showers to cool down either. Locals in-the-know head to Hyde Park’s Serpentine lake (named for its snakelike shape), for an open-air splash about with the ducks. The cordoned off Lido was created in 1730 and has beautiful views of the surrounding greenery, with waterside cafes and rentable deckchairs making it the perfect spot for a relaxing weekend.

UJ’s Insider Tips

Rent a deckchair and get cosy – starting at £1.50 for an hour and going up to £7 for the day. And if you get peckish, there’s always the Serpentine Lido Café which does a mean nibbles menu of calamari, chorizo picante, pizzettes on Lebanese flatbread, and hot doughnuts. Be sure to check out the musical Serpentine Sessions every summer, at the tail-end of June, too.

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