With just 30 rooms, bougainvillea framed terraces and spectacular location overlooking the Aeolian sea and volcanic island of Stromboli, Hotel Raya has attained cult-like status among the fashion-pack. Guests covet the magical feel of Panarea Island, the lack of cars and TV, the stylish boutiques and the tranquility generated by the surrounding hibiscus, lentos and olive trees. And then there’s the infinity pool. With satellite heating and volcanic water, its salt and warmth come naturally from the earth. A simply spectacular location to enjoy breakfast, lounge in the sun or enjoy cocktails and the sunset whilst reclining on antique Persian rugs.

UJ’s Insider Tips

The most beautiful beach on the island is Cala Junco Bay which is enclosed by volcanic reefs and boasting turquoise blue waters. You can explore it by renting a small motor boat direct from the island’s fishermen. Ask at the hotel reception for more info.

Hotel Raya, Via S. Pietro, 98050 Panarea , Italy | +39 090 983013 |