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LA Dreamin'

Not very UJ I know, but this freakishly hot weather we've been having has made me come over all LA - and I'm not just talking the odd Frappuccino.

After what seems like an eternity of cosy jumpers and cottage pie by candlelight, the balmy evenings are enticing me to stay out later and live out my Lindsay Lohan fantasies. Partying like a rockstar.

Luckily for me, London seems to be catching up with LA in the nightclub stakes, and I mean proper dancing-on-banquettes-and-spraying-Cristal-around-the-room nightclubs.

The latest of these is The Island in Westminster which opens on Thursday night, the motto for which is 'What Is Said And Done Never Leaves' - questionable grammar perhaps, but seeing as the club has a 6am licence, the sentiment at least could be suitably dangerous.

Of course, the other new den of iniquity is Maddox in Mayfair, which, apart from having a, like, totally Hollywood name, has the added attraction of a courtyard and terrace, lending it even more LaLa Land appeal.

So while Amy Sacco and Flavio Briatore get their acts together (both are due to open their own nightspots in London later this year) I know where I'm heading, and it's a lot closer than California, baby.

The Island - opens to public Friday April 13
180-182 Hungerford Lane, WC2
020 7389 6622
Membership packages from £25 per month

by SL
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