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London really is celebrating its love affair with everything American. Abercrombie & Fitch has people queuing around the block, the V&A New York Fashion Now exhibition opens next week, The Playboy Concept Boutique on Oxford Street opens soon, too, and tonight marks the launch of The Diner on Ganton Street.

From the group behind Two Floors, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, Under the Westway and The Diner in Shoreditch, the new Soho establishment is in good company with American-inspired diners The Eagle Bar Diner and Automat nearby, and offers a kind of middle ground, as it's open for brekkie (The Eagle isn't), and shouldn't be that spenny (Automat isn't super cheap).

As it's stumbling ground from the UJ offices, we're hoping it will become our new hangout, kinda like the gang from 90210's Peach Pit or Happy Days' Al's Diner.

From what we've heard, it looks likely. There's a jukebox loaded with rock'n roll, blues and country hits (fingers crossed they have some Bryan Adams ballads), a large selection of cocktails, burgers and milkshakes and "blue collar breakfasts" for those hangover days.

Which, lately, seems to be everyday.

The Diner - Launch tonight, opens to the public Monday
18 Ganton Street, W1 - 020 7287 8962

by EC
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