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BaoziInn London Bridge

Same BaoziInn spirit, new menu additions



34-36 Southwark Street, SE1 1TU

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By now you know we love BaoziInn (colourful fresh dumpling goodness and hand pulled noodles), so we welcomed news of their new flagship location in London Bridge. Now with five locations (and more in the pipeline), if Soho is the dark, moody sibling, this is the bright, breezy older one. New additions on the menu include Cantonese mains and roast meats (order the duck) and wonton soup, and they still of course have BaoziInn faves like dandan noodles, and jiaozi dumplings. We’ll be back to try the XXL soup dumplings. Top tip: if you’re getting off the Gatwick Express (and have hand luggage), pop across the street to Market Halls for a dumpling – they have a kiosk there too.

Originally published on
14th October 2019


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