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Long-standing Soho Szechuan


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Soho Szechuan fave celebrating 15 years.

The Décor and Vibe
Tucked away on Frith Street, adjacent to their sister restaurant BaoziInn, Barshu has been a beacon of stability for the past 15 years, with a loyal following to match. More refined than their sibling but still casual, there’s really no better place to spend a rainy Soho evening.

Food and Drink
Their extensive menu is more than impressive. Order one of their signature sea bass dishes – sea bass covered in chillies and swimming in ‘golden soup’ – or go for something more classic like dan dan noodles or dumplings. Other highlights include stir-fried green Romano beans (dry, hot, perfect), salt and pepper asparagus or crab. There are dishes for the more adventurous (pickled chilli with chicken feet; ginger pigs trotters; dry wok pig’s intestine), as well as a wine and cocktail menu. Do pay attention to the icons next to dishes on the menu (savoury or authentic spice, signature, plant-based) to help guide you.

The staff! They’re always there to whisk you off the Soho streets and into their Szechuan world. The food, too – what a menu.

Originally published on
10th December 2021


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