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Sri Lankan small plates in a chic, cosy space


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Kingly Street. Why do all the restaurants here feel so soulless? We’re huge, long-time fans of the neighbourhood, but this street really sucks the life out of you! Which is why entering into the warm, welcoming space of Kolamba was such a nice surprise.

The Décor/Vibe
Muted tones, spot lighting that doesn’t offend, large pieces of art, pillows on the banquettes, and a mismatched downstairs that feels like its a collection of kitchen tables. They did wonders with this space; what was previously an awkward location now feels just right.

The Food
Let’s start with the portions – here they are perfect. Two pieces of monkfish in the (excellent) monkfish curry. A small finger bowl of Winged Bean (aka wonder bean they say) salad. Fluffy hoppers. Perfectly cooked potatoes. We could go on….Don’t leave without a black pepper prawn fry for spice, and the cucumumber curry, for something new. For a vegetarian, go for the parripu; red split lentils in coconut milk and turmeric. Next time we’ll definitely try the interesting sounding string hoppers – rice-flour noodles with curry or relish.

The Drinks
Now this is a cocktail list. It might be short, but when you kick off with a Kolamba x Mr Lyan Special, it’s clear you mean business. We liked the sound of the ‘1948’: Vanilla infused Ceylon arrack, curry leaves, jaggery, Himalayan salt – which we hear is a take on an old fashioned. They have a Sri Lankan beer, and a decent, relatively reasonable wine selection.

Top Tip
Check out the basement. Often they can be depressing, here it seems like it could be a good space for a group.

Originally published on
17th January 2020


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