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Refined all-day dining from A. Wong


Opening hours

Mon-Sat: 12-3pm, 5-11pm
Sun: 12-6pm


19 Bloomberg Arcade, EC4N 8AR

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October 2018

After A. Wong was awarded a Michelin star earlier this year, the hype surrounding the eponymous chef’s new opening, Kym’s (named after his parents’ Pimlico restaurant), was very very real. Specialising in Chinese roasted meats and a contemporary take on traditional dishes, we went to check out Bloomberg Arcade’s latest opening.

Décor and Vibe
If you’ve been to any of the Bloomberg Arcade restaurants (Brigadiers, Ekte, Caravan), you’ll know there’s a common vibe here: light, airy and modern. Of course, each restaurant has its own signature twist: Kym’s is a central cherry blossom tree. The restaurant feels breezy and open; we’d recommend asking for a booth table upstairs on the mezzanine if you’re a four, or one of the single banquettes downstairs if you’re a two and want some privacy.

Food and Drink
If Cantonese cuisine and dim sum is the focus at A Wong, then roasted meats and Sichuan flavours are the focus at Kym’s. Naturally, veggies don’t have the most diverse choice here, but with silken tofu, lemongrass salad, shiitake spring rolls and lightly fried French beans on the menu (and all great), they won’t go hungry. But it goes without saying that the stars of the show here are carnivore-centric: the ‘three treasure’, a holy trinity of painstakingly prepared crispy pork belly, soy chicken and Iberico char sui, will stay with us for a long time. The cocktails are great, and we’d recommend ordering something citrus-based to cut through the rich flavours.

Top Tip
Don’t skip dessert – the Hong Kong pineapple bun (with a peach tea) is the perfect way to round off your meal.

The crispy duck – off the bone, complete with a dainty brush to apply the plum sauce.


Originally published on
23rd October 2018


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