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Sushi on Jones

Omakase in 45 minutes


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With three locations in New York, this is Sushi on Jones’ first UK outpost.

The Décor and Vibe
Set in Goods Way in King’s Cross, which is a tucked-away, market-like structure housing mini outlets for well-known brands like Breddos and new brands like Sweetwater (a Southern saloon). You’ll find Sushi on Jones in a corner of the second floor. Blink and you could be in a market in Tokyo; there’s just one bar, a couple of stools, great lighting, and a master chef.

Food and Drink
The USP here is fast omakase. Twelve courses (or pieces of nigiri) in 45 minutes. Chef Mattia – an Italian, fully trained sushi chef – is at the helm and is the star of the show, casually making everything fresh. Yellowtail, aged three days with truffle. Spot prawns from Canada. Salmon roe with yuzu. Bluefin with pickled radish. Wagyu. Fresh ginger and wasabi. He gets out the blowtorch, and is well versed in everything he uses.

You can only drink (good) whisky, sake or beer here. We kind of like the rigidness of this. It’s a traditional Japanese experience, with a contemporary, sometimes Italian twist on things.

To Note
45 minute seatings means 45 minutes. This is where to come for a quick lunch, solo dinner or pre/post-event bite.

Originally published on
10th December 2021


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