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Views and bucatini


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If you’re after views with your bucatini, this is your spot! A laid-back, bustling two-floor affair, with a huge outdoor terrace, virtually right in front of London Bridge: this is about as scenic as it gets. And as for the food, with a head chef who is ex-Bancone and an in-house pastry chef, the offering is great. Highlights include red prawn bucatini with datterini tomatoes, cacio e pepe (pasta is made fresh daily), hake with nduja and zucchini, and polenta skillet-cooked cake with ice cream and cherries. Do start with the aperitivo de la casa which is a concoction of Cocchi Americano Rosa, gin, prosecco, strawberries and rhubarb, and end with a pink peppercorn sorbet. The staff are excellent, too.

Originally published on
5th October 2020


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