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The Colony Grill

Old glamour tucked away in the West End


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Do you know where The Beaumont Hotel is? Embarrassingly, we didn’t either.s A stone’s throw from Selfridges, this classic grand dame – which is home to the Colony Grill and Le Magritte Bar – is one of London’s best kept secrets.

The Décor and Vibe
The restaurant has just been refreshed. Come here for burnt orange banquettes, white tablecloths, extremely professional service, on-table lamps (love), and splashings of whispered gossip.

Food and Drink
At The Colony Grill, as anyone will tell you, you eat steak. With an American-inspired menu, start with a shrimp cocktail and oysters, move onto Caesar and Cobb salads, and for mains, we suggest either Dover sole meunière or monkfish Wellington. If you’re going for steak, meats are matured in their salt chamber for at least 42 days and cooked over charcoal and oak – choose your meat, size, and sauces, and you’re off.

Le Magritte
Continuing on the old-school theme, the Magritte bar, with cosy red stools facing the small well-lit bar, is where you should start and / or end your evening. Bartenders in white jackets will make you whatever you desire, and ice is of the giant, well cut kind. This will definitely be our post Selfridges stop in the future. Artwork in here is, of course, Magritte… reproductions, we’re assuming.

The staff here. You can tell they take serious pride in what they do. Book in for the night and flit from shopping to dinner to drinks to bed.

Originally published on
29th November 2021


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