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Sushi's on a roll in Soho


Opening hours

Monday-Sat: 11.30am-9pm


38 Lexington Street, W1F OLL

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On a street corner in the heart of Soho, London’s first temakeria (sushi in cones, basically) is dangerously close to UJ HQ (we’re already regulars). The perfect place for a quick lunch or post-shopping pick me up.


Fun, casual and friendly, the space buzzes with Brazilian music and a mix of city boys and creative Soho types. Sit on stools by the large windows for people watching, hang out at the sushi bar to see your temaki rolled to order, or pick up a takeaway in neat, triangular boxes.


This is sushi with a twist. Inspired by the temakerias that line the streets of Rio, finely chopped fish is layered over perfectly seasoned rice, sauce and crunchy croutons, all wrapped in a crisp nori cone. Citrus Salmon and Spicy Tuna are the UJ picks but veggies are catered for too (think avocado, asparagus, sun-kissed tomatoes). Pick up a fresh guava juice and a pot of edamame and you’re sorted.


Pale wood and bold colours dominate the space, with an angular, white temaki island taking centre stage. Sparse furnishings and huge windows make it feel light and spacious, while bare bulbs and exposed piping give an industrial chic vibe de rigueur in Soho haunts.


These guys are speedy – hand rolls are constructed in seconds so if you need to grab lunch on the go, Yoobi is your saviour. Attention to detail is also impressive – jugs of water with ice and lemon are there for the taking, there’s a sink if you get in a mess with your temaki, and handy signs advise you on how much to order (one if you’re peckish, two if you’re hungry, three if you’re running on empty). So if you’re craving sushi, head to London, via Rio, via Tokyo.

Originally published on
30th May 2012


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