Ibiza-Mykonos direct

You’ve heard us mention Aero before; it’s the sleek 16-seater jet that you can book individual seats on. And as it’s summer, they’re currently flying direct from Ibiza to Mykonos, meaning you can skip the layovers and get straight to the turquoise waters. Reimagining private travel with a bespoke experience that prioritises guest well-being, on the Aero Jet you’ll find hand-stitched leather seats, state-of-the-art mood lighting, and a custom sound system. Expect seamless personalised service, both on the ground and aboard the jet, where your favourite snack or cocktail will be waiting. Upon arrival, a dedicated Concierge team is on hand to assist. We’re hearing great things; sign us up!

All flights are operated by Aero Guernsey Ltd., a registered Guernsey air carrier.


Originally published on
22nd July 2021


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