Bottega il Buco

Italian-inspired eats from the New York institution

Set in picturesque Santa Gertrudis, Bottega il Buco is the new kid on the foodie block so to speak, and has instantly made it on to every Ibiza insider’s hot list – and for good reason. First, don’t come here expecting similar dishes to their New York eateries (il Buco and il Buco Alimentari). Here, it’s not about pasta, but more about focaccia with seasonal toppings (made with the ancient triticum durum grain from Sicily, which is organic and high in protein), fresh seafood carpaccio, charcuterie and cheese. Wines are organic and biodynamic (of course), have a Spanish focus and are carefully selected to complement the menu. The restaurant will be open year round, from morning until midnight (at least). They also have a specialty food store – come here for burrata and their own brand of olive oil. The highlights? Their 30 seater terrace and professional, welcoming staff.

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Originally published on
14th August 2018


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