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Playlist: Colleen Murphy

The Classic Album Sundays founder soothes away the blues

We needed some soulful tunes to beat the winter blues, and who better to give us just that than Classic Album Sundays founder Colleen Murphy? Her playlist includes a multitude of soothing yet uplifting tracks from John Coltrane, Björk, Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo. Here’s what she had to say about it:

“Keep the January blues at bay with a musical selection that will warm your body and your soul. We pulled together classic songs from some of our Classic Album Sundays ‘Albums of the Month’ in advance of our ‘Kind of New’ series with The Jazz Café. For this series, we’re looking forward to new interpretations of classic albums by Donald Byrd, Miles Davis and Aphex Twin and hope to revisit a few more of the artists featured on this playlist. So kick back, tune in and turn on and we hope to see you on the 5th February when Classic Album Sundays and Jazz Café present Yelfris Valdés’ live rendition of Donald Byrd’s Blackbyrd.

Listen via Spotify below!

Originally published on
23rd January 2018


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