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Playlist: Django Django

A hip hop mix from the avid record collectors

Django Django’s eclectic sound might be hard to pinpoint to a single genre (if you haven’t heard it already, check out their new single Swimming by Night here), but the playlist they’ve put together for us isn’t so tricky: think straight up 90s hip hop. Featuring tracks from MF Doom, The Pharcyde and and Mad Skillz, here’s what producer/drummer Dave Maclean had to say about it: “Here are some slightly more underground hip hop tracks that I used to play a lot. I got into it as a kid in the 80s and started playing out records in the early / mid 90s. These are some less obvious 90s bangers that I loved at the time and still play now.”

Hit play, it’s time to get old school!


Originally published on
2nd October 2018


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