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Anna Na

Owner and Operations Director of Petunia Ibiza

Petunia Ibiza, in the beautiful shores of Cala Carbó, is the one of the newest kids on the Ibiza boutique hotel block. With unparalleled views of Es Vedrà, 35 rooms including suites and two-bed apartments, a spectacular rooftop, a new restaurant (they bought the much-loved Ibiza restaurant La Mesa Escondida and transferred it to the hotel; smart) and a laid-back, family touch all around –  this looks like a true gem. With an opening date of 22 May, UJ talks to Anna about 2020 news, sustainability, and her thoughts on going into a season after lockdown.

UJ: Tell us what drew you to the property?
A: Arguably, Petunia Ibiza has one of the best views in all of Ibiza. Not only do we overlook the magical Es Vedrà, but we have some of the best sunrises and sunsets in the summer. After seeing its idyllic location and the potential it had to become one of the best hotels on the island, we took the chance and with a little bit of TLC, it has absolutely bloomed into a must-stay location for those in the know and true Ibiza-lovers. We have been renovating it little by little and next year we have plans for a gym, spa and updating the bigger two-floor apartments.

UJ: When are you hoping to open? And close for the season?
A: We are aiming to reopen at the end of May. We usually close November 1st but we will determine this going forward. A lot of the hotels on the island have rallied together and discussed potentially extending the season. The weather is beautiful all year round, albeit the water gets pretty cold but I think people will be looking to extend their breaks given the current climate. Watch this space!

UJ: Now that Ibiza is in Phase 1 coming out of isolation, tell us something positive you learned in lockdown?
A: First thing I would say is that the lockdown has had a great impact on the planet and it has forced us to slow down. My hope is that this will have a positive impact on our habits and how the world approaches decisions that affect the environment.

Saying that, it was a slow transition to get our hotel to function more sustainably as we had to change a lot of the infrastructure that was already in place when we took over, but we are getting there!

Mainly, we operate using 60% of solar panel energy currently, but I want this to reach 100% by next year. We are also working with Clean Wave to provide filtered drinking water across the hotel, so no more bottled water. The same applies regarding single-use plastic and eco-cleaning products.

We also operate a strong garden-to-table ethos in our restaurant and we try to grow as much of our own produce as possible and source other produce locally where possible.

In some ways, the pandemic has reinforced our sustainability efforts and our approach to the way our hotel is operated.

Another learning for me, it was so great to see the whole team rally together and come up with new ideas for the hotel; how we could adapt and still serve the community in some way. It was really inspiring to see how creative we can all be and a general sense of “we’re all in this together”.

UJ: Favourite thing/s about Petunia Ibiza?
A: It’s such a peaceful place – hidden away from the madness in the Old Town – and the incredible view, cosy decor and relaxed and attentive service. But most importantly, it always feels like you’re at a home away from home. We’re lucky to be in such a remote area of the island and surrounded by beautiful nature all around. I think because it’s family-owned and run, it also makes it easier for us to deliver a personable service.

UJ: Favourite things about Ibiza?
A: The natural beauty of the island, it has a great international vibe and the relaxed attitude of its visitors who all come to Ibiza to “let their hair down”. It has a very unique magic and I think most people that visit, naturally fall in love with it.

UJ: Do you think the 2020 vibe of Ibiza will be different to previous years, and if so how?
A: It certainly will be different. This pandemic scare changed our lives forever – how could it not? Ibiza will take time to return to the way it was and will push us to go back to basics. For example, I think there will be a real desire to rediscover the beauty of the island and nature. The glamour and excess that Ibiza developed in recent times will subside and people will turn back to the 60s and 70s when life was simple. After all, less is more.

UJ: Favourite drink on a sunny day? Favourite dish (at any restaurant) for dinner?
A: Depending on the mood, there are mojito days, rosé days, and tinto de verano days… I have many favourite dishes, but when we discovered La Mesa Esconida – before acquiring the restaurant which will now open in our hotel – we visited almost every other day and my favourite dishes are synonymous with it. For example, if I was craving fish, I would order the bacalao and if I was really hungry, Lorenzo’s fresh tortellini with ricotta was up there, as was his parmigiana and arancini!

UJ: Any news at Petunia that you want to tell us about?
A: Mainly, our new restaurant is opening this year – La Mesa Escondida, serving up delicious meditteranean fare. Already known and loved locally, we acquired it and it will now house in our hotel. At the helm, we will still have the incredibly talented Chef Lorezon Garrispani.

There is a lot we are doing to develop Petunia to attract the local and international crowd. We are working on wellness programs (with plans for a spa and gym next year), weekly live music programs and food and wine tasting menus for locals and guests.

We’re excited for the hotel to come to life again which is very soon… We’re posting all of our updates/news and events on our Instagram channels.

Originally published on
19th May 2020


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