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In Conversation with Alex Key and Freddie Woodruff


In Conversation with Alex Key and Freddie Woodruff,
The Rocket Store
Title: Founders

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For something new in Cornwall, we’re looking to Boscastle for The Rocket Store. Alex and Freddie tell us about the inspiration behind the restaurant we’re hearing such great things about, and more.

UJ: Why Boscastle?

Alex: I grew up in Boscastle – we have a farm just outside the village… and I managed to convince Fred that Boscastle was a viable option! It’s a beautiful village and there is a lovely community here.

UJ: What was the inspiration for the restaurant?

Fred: Cooking amazing local ingredients to be shared by guests. Tasty food, a relaxed setting, tunes playing, good wine.

UJ: Favourite dish, or something you’re known for?

Fred: Whole John Dory, grilled with white wine, ginger, lemongrass, and spring onion and served with a punchy Thai dressing, nam jim.

UJ: Favourite hotel close by?

A & F: Coombeshead Farm.

UJ: Anything else not to miss in Boscastle?

Alex: Post lunch, a walk in the harbour followed by a swim. The perfect afternoon!

UJ: Anything else?

Alex: Fun fact: The Rocket Store is called The Rocket Store because it was used to store rockets that hauled ships into the harbour in stormy times.

Thank you Alex and Freddie!

Originally published on
5th July 2021


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