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Carlo Scotto

Founder of Xier

In Conversation

Ahead of the opening of his first solo venture, Xier, the Naples-born, Angela Hartnett-mentored, well-travelled Carlo Scotto gives us some of his favourite London and global haunts.

What's your all-time favourite London restaurant?

My own! Well, when it’s open that is. I’m so excited. Until now though, probably The Clove Club. It’s amazing and I always feel really spoiled when I go there.

And for suppliers? We hear you have great relationships. Who is your go to for meat/fish?

I’m so happy to be working with The Rhug Estate in Wales as my meat supplier. They are an organic farm and I love the way they treat animals. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of everything they produce. Our fish is coming from Daily Fish and Southbank Fish, both of which champion high quality, sustainable fishing.

We also hear you’re extremely well travelled. Top global restaurant?

I love New York. It’s a city that’s alive with energy. When I’m there I always eat at Blanca or Per Se. When I was in Japan, my favourite restaurant was Yukimura in Tokyo. The food is insane. The combination of flavours was unbelievable and like nothing I’d ever tried before. I was lucky enough to spend some time with the chef who came out and talked to me. It was a great experience.

Can you recommend a hidden gem London we might not know about?

I’m a big fan of the B Street Deli on Bermondsey Street. It’s an unpretentious little bar and deli where you can easily lose a few hours drinking great wine at the counter and snacking on build-your-own cheese and charcuterie boards. The owner, Simon, has an amazing golden retriever that hangs out there.

And when you go back to Naples, where’s the first place you go to eat?

Don Alfonso in Sorrento. I love it. The food and the view are both incredible. It’s probably the only place that I eat pasta, so that’s what I always have when I go.

As you will be serving a ten-course tasting menu (in addition to à la carte), did you take inspiration from any tasting menus you’ve had before? If so, where?

I’d like to hope that everything on my menu is original so no, I haven’t taken inspiration from a particular menu or restaurant as such. But for me, the creative process is key, and I have been inspired by all my travels and the places I have eaten along the way.

Xier opens March 4th. 


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