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In Conversation with: Zoe and Layo Paskin

Founders of The Palomar Group

Georgia Rudd


If you’ve read us for awhile, you’ll know about Zoe and Layo (we love Z&L!). Founders of the brilliant END nightclub, they then went on to launch the hugely successful Palomar, in addition to a host of other restaurants, and now they’re opening The Barbary Next Door, a 10-seater bar serving smoky dishes featuring Moorish Spanish and North African cooking. They’ve given us their favourite London spots, and some teasers on TBND.

UJ: Favourite London restaurants (one upscale, one casual please)?

Z: The River Cafe; Asakusa
L: Scott’s; Afghan Kitchen

UJ: Favourite London bar?

Z: Passione Vino
L: Satan’s Whiskers

UJ: Favourite London hotel?

Z: The Rookery
L: Chiltern Firehouse

UJ: Favourite London area?

Z: Parliament Hill and Dartmouth Park
L: London Fields

UJ: Where do you go for a disco dance?

Z: These days… back to mine
L: Warehouse parties

UJ: Travel destination on your list?

Z: Drive Big Sur
L: Seeing snow leopards in the Himalayas

UJ: What’s a highlight to look out for at The Barbary Next Door?

Z: Snatch the window seat, sip your caña and let the sun set on your day.
L: Where should I begin … we have taken everything we loved about breakfast and given it a twist – so fantastic coffee, granola, a whole range of Moroccan pastries and roadside eggs. Moving on to lunch and dinner, there are new breads and dips, raw fish dishes and then of course a tagine! My top tip would be to come mid afternoon, have a caña or a glass of wine and then start working your way through the menu.

UJ: And what can you tell us about the vibe at The Barbary Next Door. Can we expect the same Palomar party-ish vibes at the bar, or will it be more relaxed?

Z: I’m imagining a pretty vibrant atmosphere, much like what you find when you stumble on a great little haunt on. back street of many beautiful southern European Cities. This project gives me a lot of nostalgia for the year I spent Living In Barcelona (a long time ago)…

The Barbary Next Door opens 30 October, 2021.

Originally published on
15th October 2021


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