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Joe Goddard

Hot Chip | The 2 Bears | DJ/Musician

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Hot Chip, The 2 Bears and an international artist himself, Joe Goddard is one of our favourite DJs behind the decks. He took the time to speak to us ahead of his upcoming Hot Chip gig at Village Underground on April 4.

Since I was like 14, I’ve been chopping up drum loops and trying to make music. It’s been constant and pretty obsessive. When I’m chopping up drums now it feels strange to think I’ve been doing basically the same thing for 25 years. But I’m still totally crazy about it, honestly.

At 15, Alexis and I started out covering Pavement and Velvet Underground, and Spacemen 3 and stuff –  more rocky and acoustic. The more pop/housey sound developed a little while later, after I heard early DFA stuff and ESG.

Career highlights? Onstage with Wiley and Glastonbury was amazing. We couldn’t believe he showed up! Playing the Hollywood bowl twice, that place is so beautiful. Japan, South American festivals with Bjork – partying with her and her Icelandic choir.

My favourite stage we’ve ever played is The Other stage at Glastonbury as the sun sets and all the flags are out.

For anyone thinking about getting into the music industry I’d say: it’s confusing and difficult and all-consuming, but if you have something unique that you do and you try to follow that without being swayed too much by trends, then you’ve got a chance.

I’d tell my younger self: trust in yourself, and stop worrying.

Right now I’m listening to Tim Hecker. That was my gig of the year last year, at the Barbican in total darkness, with these crazy violent loud chords echoing around. it was so intense, I had my mouth open in disbelief the entire time.

If I had to pick my favourite Hot Chip tracks, I like Flutes and Alley Cats, and there is a new one called ‘Worlds Within Worlds’ that is nice I think.

Musically, looking at other artists who are inspiring me, Rosalia is sick. Also: Caterina Barbieri and Jonás Gruska.

There are too many people I’d love to work with. I did a collab with Kool Keith recently which was great, he is a hero of mine. Robyn would be amazing, I’ve been speaking to her….

My favourite London club was Plastic People. Internationally I love the Sub Club. If I had to pick between festival and club, it would be club I reckon… apart from Glastonbury, which beats everything for me.

After a gig, for a late night bite it’s Turkish on Green Lanes. The vibes are good late at night there.

There’s tons going on this year… I’m super excited for the autumn when we will be playing all around the world, bringing new music to people – it feels like ages since we’ve done it. Not sure my body is up to the task but I’m prepared to give it a try….


Hot Chip play Village Underground on 4 April. They also play UJ fave Pappy and Harriet’s on  2 May should you be Stateside. 

Originally published on
18th March 2019


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