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Kyle Stewart

Co-Founder, Goodhood

You’re likely familiar with Goodhood, the multi-brand retailer that started in 2007 and carries menswear, womenswear, lifestyle products and cosmetics. Always tuned into culture with their curated buy, their latest collab is with Tokyo’s Flagstuff, part of a new guard of Tokyo brands. Together, they’ve created Goodstuff (keep up) and worked with the artist Kosuke Kawamura on a small collection (a jacket and Ts). We caught up with Kyle, Goodhood’s co-founder, about work, life lessons, and his little black book.

For restaurants, Campania is one of my favourites. It’s around the corner from our house and serves just great Italian food. Upmarket-wise, we have enjoyed Le Gavroche. I am a big fan of Michel Roux Jr.

To celebrate, I head to The Royal Oak. Apart from being the best pub in London (in my opinion), there’s always friendly faces to be found.

For shops (apart from ours), I do like Borough Kitchen as I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to cooking equipment.

Favourite international boutique? Beams in Tokyo is always up there. I also think H by Beauty & Youth is exceptional.

My top three brands are: Unused from Japan for its quiet luxurious fabrics and detailing. Wacko Maria for its no-holds-barred approach to sleazy Americana & Wtaps for its contemporary approach to military.

Favourite thing about my job? I love being able to choose when and how I want to work.

I’d tell my younger self to have faith in yourself. Anything is possible. Also, as someone that really doesn’t network, I’d tell my younger self that really, you can make an exceptional career out of having no talent and networking. So I’d say to younger Kyle, ‘mate, you need to network. Stop thinking your work will get noticed.’

For Goodhood news, we’ve just launched collaborations with Copenhagen-based Soulland and with Japanese brand Flagstuff and artist Kosuke Kawamura. There’s plenty more collabs and special projects coming, so watch this space.

Originally published on
3rd February 2020


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