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Marta Camps

Marketing Manager, Sereno Hotels


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Madrid born Marta Camps splits her time between Lake Como and St Barths (nice). When we met her, we instantly knew we had to pick her brain on where to go in Como. After all, no matter how nice a hotel is (more on that here), it’s good to get out and see the town. Here are Marta’s picks for where she’d go outside of the hotel.

UJ: What are your favourite restaurants in Lake Como (one casual and one upmarket please):
MC: Casual: Napule (pizzas)
MC: Upmarket: Materia (Michelin-starred)

UJ: Where do you go to celebrate in Lake Como?
MC: Gato Nero

UJ: Favourite place for an aperitivo in Lake Como?
MC: One of the bars at Piazza Volta, like Krudo or Hotel Posta.

UJ: Favourite day trip from Lake Como?
MC: Rent a boat and spend the day getting to know the small villages. I would recommend not skipping Varenna and Nesso.

UJ: Don’t leave Lake Como without…
MC: Spending time in the water – boating, paddleboarding, kayaking or other. It’s the way you can really get to experience the destination. A hike is also a must to get a different perspective.

UJ: And your other property, Le Sereno in St Barths – when is the best time to visit?
MC: From January to March – although all year, the weather is beautiful.

Originally published on
8th September 2020


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