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Will Bowlby

Chef-founder of Kricket

In Conversation

There’s a new Kricket in town! To celebrate the opening of their new White City location (Television Centre employees rejoice), we spoke to chef-founder Will Bowlby.

What’s your all time favourite London restaurant?
It’s really difficult to choose just one but I would probably say the old Bibendum. Completely old school and an ultimate classic, set in a beautiful building. It was such a treat every time I visited.

Where do you go for Indian food?
Ganapati – it’s a local Indian restaurant in Peckham that specialises in southern Indian food. I spent a lot of time in Kerala so the menu transports me back there.

Which chef should we be watching right now?
Tomos Parry – his new restaurant Brat is a brilliant addition to London’s food scene. I am always super impressed by the simplicity and great flavours he achieves.

Can you recommend us a hidden gem we might not know of?
Eat Tokyo – they have a massive menu and a tiny kitchen, but it’s amazing. Try it! There are a few in London, and best of all it’s cheap which is pretty uncommon for Japanese food in London.

Where do you go to celebrate?
Quo Vadis in Soho – you can always be sure of a good time, especially if Jeremy (Lee) is around! It’s also around the corner from our Soho site.



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