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Fazenda Nova Country House

Head to a hidden sanctuary in the Eastern Algarve



8800-504 Santo Estevão, Portugal

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Open date: June 2018
Amenities: A Cozinha restaurant, vinyl library, garden suites, Fazenda Nova beach, master suite

The Lowdown:
Set up in the Eastern Algarve of Portugal, Fazenda Nova Country House has just added five newly designed suites to the hotel. Owned by ex-Londoners Tim and Hallie Robinson, the pair have spent 10 years restoring a 19th century farmhouse, adding a new master suite, loft suites, vinyl library and Fazenda Nova beach.

The Facts:
While Italy and Spain often steal the spotlight for Med-bound attractions in the summer, Portugal is the perfect go-to for a more low-key affair. If Fazenda Nova’s olive groves, fresh fish and seafood, beaches, lagoons and natural parks sound tempting, it’s also because Tim and Hallie know how to make the abundance of nature and rustic appeal of the Eastern Algarve shine. Situated near the medieval city of Tavira and nearby salt flats (look out for the flamingos!), Fazenda Nova’s farmhouse celebrates both Portuguese tradition and modern design in hard-to-achieve harmony.


Originally published on
26th June 2018


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