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Zuri Zanzibar

Tropical digs right by the beach



Kendwa Zanzibar, 73107, Tanzania

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Open date: Open now

55 bungalows and villas

Amenities: Private beach, spice garden, 3 restaurants, 4 bars, yoga, salon, pool, jacuzzi, massage cabanas, library, water sports centre

The Lowdown
We’ve been thinking about a trip to Zanzibar for a while, and Zuri Zanzibar combines luxury with the abundant greenery and beaches of the area.

The Facts
Cramped rooms are out here; the spacious resort hosts 55 bungalows and suites, each with its own terrace to watch the sunset over the sea. Designed by London-based Jestico + Whiles, the décor is a careful combination of modern and traditional African touches, including hammocks, wooden beams, and an abundance of natural materials. Artefacts from local markets are combined with mid-century touches. Located in Kendwa on the coast of Unguja, Zuri encourages guests to make the most of the local coral reefs with a snorkelling trip or two.



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