Top 5: Sandwich Joints

Carbs + fillings = heaven

  • Takeaway Sandwiches at Taberna do Mercado

    Forget your soggy Pret sarnie, Taberna do Mercado has launched takeaway sandwiches and, as expected, they are epic. Based on traditional stone baked beef pregos (beefsteak, in house prawn paste and wild garlic) and pork bifanas (pork fillet paired with house made yeast mayo, fennel and lemon dressing), both are cooked over beechwood smoke on outdoor grills and come with homemade crisps.

  • Butifarra

    Straight out of the mercados of Peru to Soho comes Butifarra. Named after the Peruvian street snack (a bread roll with slow-cooked meat and salsa), the new fast, casual dining concept restaurant will serve Peruvian sandwiches and ceviche alongside ‘Cevushi’, a ceviche-sushi hybrid…Oh yes they did.

  • Max’s Sandwich Shop

    Head to Max’s Sandwich Shop in Crouch Hill, for some of the best sandwiches in the capital. Thanks to the owner, Max Halley, and his creds (Salt Yard and LeCoq), said sarnies are mega: think hot sandwiches stuffed with ham hock, braised beef, kimchi and deep fried broccoli. These are not for amateurs.

  • Quo Vadis

    There are many reasons to visit Quo Vadis (great staff, atmosphere and a satisfying British menu) but their smoked eel sandwiches could be reason enough. Soft chunks of eel, slightly pickled, perfectly toasted and just the right amount of horseradish. Sold!

  • Lower East Side Deli

    For those looking for a heartier alternative to Pret sandwiches, head straight to the NY inspired Lower East Side Deli and choose from the seven -strong list of sandwiches which includes faves such as the ‘off-the-bone’ beef short ribs with bbq sauce and crunchy apple slaw in a baguette and smoked chipotle pulled pork baps.

Originally published on
22nd June 2016


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