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Marcis Dzelzainis and Michael Sager

Co-founders of Fare

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If there are two men who know their drinks, its Marcis Dzelzainis (69 Colebrooke Row, Dandelyan, Quo Vadis) and Michael Sager (Sager + Wilde). We spoke to the formidable duo about where they drink, dine and dance in London.

What’s your all-time favourite London restaurant?
: Barrafina – it has been consistently great across all of its sites for the last 10 years.
Michael: Brawn. Impeccable service, food, atmosphere and, of course, wine.

Where do you go to celebrate?
Marcis: Ganbara in San Sebastian. I’m not a huge fan of formal celebrations, so standing up while enjoying a crab tartlet and wild ceps with egg yolk – washed down with a glass of Txakoli – is my idea of heaven.
Michael: I love Luca. There simply isn’t a better combination of a gorgeous dining room and innovative yet comforting food with high-end service.

Can you recommend a hidden gem we might not know about?
Singburi in Leytonstone. It does some of the best Thai food (if not the best) in London!
Michael: I personally love Coupette, a small cocktail bar near to Sager + Wilde on Bethnal Green Road.

What should we be drinking this autumn?
Cognac, oloroso Sherry or mezcal – anything to warm the cockles really!
Michael: Syrah, syrah, syrah! It’s always and forever the best kind of wine to drink in autumn. My go-to would be a good Saint-Joseph from Gonon or a Côte-Rôtie from Jean-Michel Stephan.

What’s your all-time favourite London bar?
Satan’s Whiskers – it never lets you down! Classic cocktails and hip hop, ‘nuff said.
Michael: I love The Sun Tavern in Bethnal Green. It’s the perfect place to wind down: the music is always on point and so is the beer and the spirit selection.


Originally published on
13th November 2018


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