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Top 5: Healthy Eating Spots

For the calorie conscious

  • Farmacy

    Burgers, reuben sandwiches, parfait, ice cream…but the healthy kind? Welcome Farmacy. The  plant-based restaurant in Notting Hill aiming at ‘healthy indulgence’. The menu, which is free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals, runs from breakfast to late night boasts everything from pizzas to cocktails and wine.

  • Rum Kitchen Notting Hill

    Rum Kitchen Notting Hill — where it all started — has had a complete refurb, with particular attention to the basement cocktail lounge. Plus, upstairs in the restaurant, there’s a new menu, which includes a healthy brunch offering on the weekends.

  • Farm Girl

    Head to Farm Girl for all-day healthy eating, such as a stack of gluten-free berry pancakes and home made granola, or the take on the BLT (which includes coconut bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cashew cream and guacamole). And being Notting Hill, everything is washed down with superfood smoothies. As for us, we’ll be ordering the lavender latte.

  • Hemsley + Hemsley Cafe

    For those who have yet to try their hand at a Hemsley + Hemsley recipe (guilty), take a seat at their café in Selfridges. Yes, it’s (sigh!) ‘clean eating’ (food free of gluten, grains, refined sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oils), but it’s good food, done well. Simple.

  • The Good Life Eatery

    We’re big fans of The Good Life Eatery (if only for their chestnut and almond waffles). A healthy, vast menu that runs the gamut from breakfast to snacks and hearty lunches. This is where you go if you truly want healthy indulgence. Plus ,they get bonus points for delivery.

Originally published on
8th September 2016


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