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UJ’s Dream Destinations

Here’s what’s on some of team UJ’s bucket list

  • Ava Szajna-Hopgood, Editorial

    Antarctic Voyage

    I’d say a week-long Antarctic voyage aboard Legend, a super yacht run by Eyos Expeditions. The north and south poles have always fascinated me, and escaping to surroundings that appear otherworldly, whilst being entirely of this world, means the Antarctic is my number one if-money-was-no-object destination. The wildlife, the solitude, the scenery: this would be a holiday like nothing else.

  • To Sua Ocean Trench

    Jessica Spires, Editorial

    Samoa, South Pacific Islands

    I’m a big fan of wild swimming and I’ve always wanted to go swimming in the To Sua Ocean Trench in the south of Upoa, Samoa. Stay in the nearby Seabreeze Resort for private beach access, and take one of their glass-bottomed kayaks if – like me – you’re a bit scared of scuba diving.

  • Max Bloom, Graphic Designer

    Okinawa, Japan

    Amazing food, untouched beaches, and there’s a large chance you could meet a sea turtle. What more could you ask for?

  • Aman Tokyo

    Rebecca Tay, Contributing Editor


    I’ve been meaning to get to Tokyo for the past few years, so 2019 really has to be the year. Of course, I’d like to be there when the cherry blossoms are out in full force, but as long as I’m staying at the Aman Tokyo, I’m sure I’ll be happy. Beyond that, I want to do it all: buy Kit Kats in all kinds of crazy wacky flavours, eat ramen and sushi to my heart’s content, observe a traditional tea ceremony in a hidden garden that’s serene beyond belief, make time-lapse videos of hundreds (maybe thousands) of people crossing an intersection… at this point, my Tokyo to-do list is so long, I’ll need to spend a month there!

  • Las Islas

    Taryn Ross, Managing Director


    I’m dying to get to Colombia, so a three pronged trip there would be my pick. I’d start with a city break in Medellin, and then as I’m partial to a luxe eco retreat I’d make my way over to Las Islas, roughly 45 minutes away via speedboat from Cartagena. Then I’d find my way to the five star Entremonte, close to Bogotá, for a bit of jungle spa. Sun, sea and Spanish, with a mixture of city, remoteness, fitness and wellbeing – this is the trip for me!


Originally published on
18th December 2018


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