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Top 5 Healthy Detoxes

Our favourite detox schemes for the holiday run-up

  • Detox Kitchen

    It’s a long-time favourite and for good reason: Bright, Instagram-friendly packages mean Detox Kitchen’s deliveries are something to look forward to, and you’ll easily forget all of the ready-made meals are also without wheat, dairy or refined sugar. Do be ready for the early deliveries though – they arrive between 3am and 7am every morning.

  • Spring Green London

    If it’s a lighter, brighter vibe that you’re looking to channel into the holiday season (before the feasting commences), then Spring Green is the answer. Devised by Michelin-star trained chef Bonnie Stowell, Spring Green’s meals can be made entirely vegan and plant-based, and it’s the snacks and juice shots that really hit the mark – they’ve thought of everything. Delivery-wise, you’re able to pick a time that suits you.

  • Nosh

    Feeling like it’s more than your portion control that needs a switch-up? Try Nosh. The diet plans range from liver cleanses to juice diets and sugar detoxes, so you can really focus on where in your diet you want to see improvement. Nosh loves detail, and your food and juice packs will be full of extra guidance and tips – always handy when the classic mid-detox slump in morale hits! Deliveries happen in the evenings on various days of the week.

  • Press

    Not a juice diet convert yet? Try Press, where you can build your own cold-press juice pack or start on a 1- to 5-day cleanse programme, and choose the intensity of your detox with beginner to advanced cleanses. If you’re not a huge juice fan, they also have two different soup cleanses for the colder months. And there’s no tricky deliveries: just pick when works for you – they can even do next-day delivery if you order before 12pm.

  • Rosemary Ferguson

    Having teamed up with Gizzi Erskine to create Pure Filth, we’re about to hear a lot more from nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson. Her 5 Day Plan is aimed at feeling ‘fresh by Friday’, but it will also work if you just want to have a re-boot after weeks of festive drinks and fun. Meals, juices and supplements are delivered in the evenings, and Rosemary’s website is packed full of recipes and healthy eating tips too.



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