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Ramael Scully

Chef-founder of Scully St. James

In Conversation

We’re hearing great things about ex NOPI head chef Ramael Scully’s solo venture, and just before heading in for a visit, we found out a few of his favourite spots – from authentic Malaysian food to Asian tacos in Stoke Newington.

Where do you go to celebrate?
Victory Mansion in Stoke Newington. It does the ultimate Asian tacos: my favourites are the charred sprouting broccoli, and spring onion with salted duck egg relish. They also do the best cocktails – my choice is a classic negroni.

What’s your local?
Berber & Q in Haggerston – you can just go with a friend and eat comfortably eat – they serve ideal sharing portions. Also the music is loud, which I love! It’s just a great vibe. Also Sambal Shiok on Holloway Road. Being a Malaysian man, I love a laksa – and Mandy makes a great laksa!

Who is your chef to watch right now?
Jeremy Chan from Ikoyi. His food is vibrant, exciting and I love that he has been able to redefine West African cuisine to make it both fine dining and rustic. For me he has brought something new and fresh to London, with his combination of flavours and textures. I love his jollof rice!

What’s your all time favourite restaurant in London?
I think for consistency and comfort it’s got to be Plum Valley in Chinatown – they just do such good dim sum for great value. Once a month on a Sunday I take my chefs for dim sum at Plum Valley, just to unwind and catch up outside of work. The grilled turnip cake is my favourite dish. They also do the closest thing to a Malaysian morning glory: shallot infused oil, penang sun dried shrimp paste, finely chopped dried shrimp and fresh chillies.

Can you recommend us a hidden gem we might not know of?
A small Malaysian cafe/restaurant called Dapur. It’s only open in the daytime from Monday to Friday, and it’s all home cooked by the wonderful Sharizah. It’s buffet style, with something different every day – reminds me of home!

Originally published on
30th August 2018


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