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Mumbai comes to Mayfair



29 Maddox Street, Mayfair, W1S 2PA

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October 2017

Imagine a lunchbox delivery and return system running across bicycles and railways, with up to 200,000 lunch boxes transported every day. That’s what the Dabbawalas of India do, taking intricately coded tiffin-wallahs (stacked tin boxes with layers of hot food) from homes and restaurants to people at work in Mumbai and wider India. It’s the culture Samyukta Nair and Rohit Ghai, Jamavar’s respective co-founder and executive chef, have decided to dedicate their latest Mayfair opening to. Rohit will be recreating some of the city’s most-loved dishes, alongside his own family recipes. We’ll be looking out for misal pave topped with potato salli and kolhapuri spiced spit-roasted chicken. And yes, for lunch, there will be tiered tiffin dabbas with each box arriving at the table to reveal curries, breads and rice – definitely one to arrive hungry for.



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