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Monty’s Deli Hoxton Square

Handmade NYC Jewish deli greats

Photo: Ingrid Hofstra



Monty’s Deli
227-229 Hoxton Street, N1

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If you like Reubens, this is your spot. They make their own salt beef and pastrami, cure their own meat, and shave it off generously. They also bake their own carbs (bagels, rye bread), and new brunch dishes include bagel boards with either smoked salmon, pastrami, avocado or salt beef (YUM). They have matzo ball soup, latkes, egg and cheese buns (with variations), slaw, sauerkraut and (we’re assuming) dill pickles. Their new brunch menu is also, excitingly, available all day, all week.

Originally published on
14th March 2019


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