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The Prince

Pergola goes supersize



14 Lillie Road, West Brompton, SW6 1TT

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Pub gardens, your days are numbered. The team behind Pergola On The Roof have now launched The Prince at West Brompton Crossing, and it’s set to be the warm, roomy, atmospheric antidote to so many of London’s cold and cramped pub backyards. It aims to be an all-under-one-roof affair, and we have to admit, you’d be hard-pushed to want for anything here. There’s the enclosed pergola garden with room for 600 people, plus new sites for The Begging Bowl, Rabbit, MAM and Patty & Bun and two bars. Taking over from previously disused buildings next to The Prince pub, the restaurants are connected by a terrace deck, and there are the beginnings of a hidden garden beyond. If this is the next step for street food, we’re sold.



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