A Place Within A Place

There’s always a new secret to uncover

The concealed chef’s table at Bubbledogs, temper City’s secret wine room, Milroy’s (not so secret) bookcase basement bar: everyone loves discovering a hidden gem. There’s always a new secret to uncover, and we’ve done some digging for you.

First up, try MNKY HSE’s new MNKY LNGE. Hidden within the restaurant (and also accessible via a separate, discreet door), the intimate, 100-capacity space hosts live performers and international DJs (think YokoO, Nico Stojan, Sabo and Jerome Sydenham) until the early hours, house party style. There are no reservations and we’ve been told there’s a strict door policy, so this is one to try your luck for.

We’ve seen bars hosted in warehouses and on rooftops, but Bishopsgate’s Victorian Bath House is a first. Usually closed off to the public, they’ve just re-opened their By Appointment Only bar for Friday nights. First built as a Turkish bath back in 1895, the underground cocktail bar has been ornately restored and is a total one-off, even for London.

And finally, down in Chinatown, behind the scenes at XU, games night gets a serious upgrade. Velvet curtains obscure the Mahjong Games Rooms from view, where you can learn how to play the traditional Chinese tile game, whilst making your way through the special Mahjong feasting menu and plenty of XU’s quirky cocktails.

And as for the rest? The trick is to keep looking…




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