Shhhhhh it’s a Secret

Venues within venues

For us it really started in NYC, with La Esquina. Go in for a quick taco at the diner-like Corner, and then slip through the door and head downstairs through the kitchen to find La Esquina restaurant. That may have launched many years ago, but seems like the speakeasy is coming back. The latest is the brainchild of Ryan Chetiyawardana: go through the gym at DC’s Riggs hotel to reach a hidden room for up to 12 stocked with top-tier spirits, a soundsystem to connect to, and staff to help out. And it’s not just the States getting back into the clandestine action; over on Golborne Road, we’ve heard great things about a ‘posh’ off-licence with a hidden table for three. If you find it, let us know please.

Originally published on
27th November 2023


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