Snow, and then some


Half of Team UJ loves skiing, the other half couldn’t care less, and it’s a split that got us thinking: instead of compromising on the urge to hit the slopes, why not fit it all into one trip? It’s all possible with the rise of the ‘do everything’ holiday (snow, sand and plenty of sun) and we’re looking at three we’re seriously tempted by…

Just a 90-minute drive from Vancouver, Whistler’s long been a favourite ski destination for UJ – we were there earlier in the year to try the newly renovated Four Seasons. Head up Blackcomb (the largest ski resort in North America), then drive back down through Vancouver (it’s just over five hours, plus a short ferry ride) for year-round surfing in Tofino. Stay at the Wickaninnish Inn, perched right on the edge of the wild west coast of the island – it’s got a rugged vibe, with wine tasting and paddleboarding also available against the backdrop of an ancient rainforest.

Snow in California? Yep! Earlier this year United Airlines added daily flights from LAX up to Mammoth Mountain, the 11,059-foot lava dome in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, with skiing and snowboarding for winter, and biking when the heat turns up. Start the trip with a desert hike in Joshua Tree and stay in downtown Palm Springs at the Colony Palms Hotel (Sinatra’s home from home!), then catch a flight up to the Sierra peaks.

And if you’re in the mood for something seriously luxe, try pristine Arctic mountains by day and superyachting by night. This year, James Orr Heliski launched the ultimate heli skiing trip to Greenland on the Cloudbreak superyacht, specially adapted for Arctic conditions. With an onboard helipad, up to 12 guests are flown directly to some of the most inaccessible mountains in the world. Definitely a once-a-lifetime-trip, but with a crew of 22 including a yoga instructor, and seven nights skiing in unexplored territory, we’re tempted.



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