Good Junk

Forget clean eating, it's time to strike a balance

New year, new you? Kinda! If, like us, you are more into lasting changes than resolutions, perhaps there’s a balance to be found for 2018. Forget clean eating, this month we’re all about junk with benefits – think superfood booze, energy-boosting burgers and all-vegan pubs.

We’ve had our eyes on By Chloe’s long-awaited arrival this spring at both London Bridge and Covent Garden, but it looks like they won’t be the only new quinoa kids in town: we’ve just had news that Gizzi and Rosemary’s Pure Filth pop up is going permanent with two sites this year. After we had a nutritionally dense burger, fries and a shake at the Tate, we weren’t sure if we’d had a healthy lunch or gorged on cheese with benefits, but at least we do know it’s better for us than a Big Mac meal.

In Homerton, street food specialists Club Mexicana have just opened London’s first 100% vegan pub this week. But don’t expect chia seeds or acai bowls: the menu at The Spread Eagle features to-fish and chip burritos (tofu) and a Mexican Fried Chick’n burger (seitan). Tequila sours use aquafaba (whisked chickpea water) to create an egg-free twist on a whisky sour that’s just as lethal.

And Farm Girl’s new Chelsea opening will also bring some not-so-innocent cocktails to the mix. Alongside their first all-day restaurant offering, Gianfranco Spada (previously Experimental Cocktail Club, Chess Club) has designed a range of superfood cocktails – #UJLoves the sound of strawberry and lavender-infused vodka.

UJ’s resolution? Go with good intentions, but leave the on-off wagon debate outside.

Photo: By Chloe


Originally published on
19th January 2018


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