Private Lives

A more intimate take on classic restaurant dining

From Michelin-starred catering in your own home to a night at your own private restaurant, things are getting a little bit more intimate than restaurant dining. Staying in is the new going out, but the humble dinner party is ready for a makeover, and we’re here to show you how.

Michelin-starred food at home? It’s possible. Christopher Bower has just launched his private dining service, Olive and Thyme, and rates start at £55 per head – we’re intrigued. Formerly executive chef for Thackeray’s Restaurant in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Olive and Thyme’s menus are full of foraged produce and game, and even offer wine pairings, so you can create everything that’s great about those memorable restaurant meals in your own home.

For supper club lovers who love dinner in an unusual setting, Grub Club’s Adopt a Chef scheme allows you to pick a chef to cater for you and your party. They’ll match the chef to the kitchen, creating a private restaurant for the night, and a total one-off for your friends. Choose your chef and your budget and let Grub Club and their adopted chefs do the hard work for you.

Something special in mind? The charms of Clos19’s Become the Host experiences are hard to resist: they’ve thought of everything. Their tailor-made holiday dinner package provides all the ingredients for a gathering at home to truly impress: from a personal event planner to a four course menu curated by a private chef, to wine, Champagne and spirits selected from the Clos19 portfolio, a private sommelier and even table decorations by Studio Marianne Guély.

With chefs like these, who needs reservations?

Photo: Clos 19

Originally published on
12th December 2017


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