by Carlos Fontoira

Carlos Fontoira

“Named for the infamous, pink leotard-wearing Mexican ‘luchador’, Maximo Sexy, our Maximo Margarita was created to celebrate Margarita Day. Herradura Reposado is one of my favourite tequilas to sip, but is equally as delicious in a Margarita. I’ve also used Cointreau Noir, which is a blend of orange liqueur and cognac, to give more complexity to the drink. By using pink grapefruit, it gives another layer of flavour which complements the tequila without overpowering it. Salud!”



20ml Cointreau Noir
45ml Herradura Reposado
20ml Pink Grapefruit Juice
10.5ml Lime Juice, Agave
4 dashes Grapefruit Bitters

Available at El Pastor from 17th - 23rd February