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Andina Picanteria

Martin Morales well and truly arrives in Notting Hill



157 Westbourne Grove, W11 2RS

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May 2018

He’s credited with bringing Peru’s rich culinary heritage to the fore in London with Andina and Ceviche, and Martin Morales isn’t stopping there. His new restaurant Andina Picanteria is now open right alongside his brand new Peruvian bakery, Andina Panaderia, with each paying homage to what Martin describes as “the female Andean chefs who have inspired” Martin and his team. Picanteria is led by chef Luca Depalo and is an ode to Peruvian picanterias (family-run, roadside restaurants found in the Peruvian Andes). The menu focuses on sivinche (a culinary ancestor to ceviche) and tamales. The smaller plates will sit alongside feasting dishes of braised adobo pork and beef sirloin. In the bakery next door, we’ll be dropping by for Andean black mint and sweet potato sourdough and Pastel de Lúcuma: an Andean spin on the Portuguese custard tart.


Originally published on
15th May 2018


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