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Cecconi’s Pizza Bar

A Soho House trinity: cicchetti, pizza and cocktails



19-21 Old Compton St, Soho, W1D 5JJ

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May 2018

Soho House’s much-loved pizza, cicchetti and cocktail brand, Cecconi’s, takes over from the former Soho Kitchen and Bar, as the members’ club continues to rejuvenate its Soho properties (Soho House Greek St and Kettner’s Townhouse have all had similar treatment within a few metre’s radius). Serving cicchetti (small Italian plates), pizza and cocktails, Cecconi’s in Soho will be more of a casual dining experience than its counterparts (the much-loved striped marble floors will still be here though), making it the first ‘lite’ version of the Venetian-inspired restaurants Soho House acquired in full in 2005. Sounds like it’s time to carb it up at Cecconi’s!


Originally published on
20th March 2018


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