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Greyhound Café

Fitzrovia’s Bangkok bazaar


Opening hours

Mon-Sun: 12-10.30pm


37 Berners Street, Fitzrovia, W1T 3NB

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The brainchild of Thai designer Bhanu Inkawat, Greyhound was originally established as a fashion house in 1980. Some 18 years later, Bhanu launched Greyhound Café, and the Greyhound lifestyle brand was born. Now with 17 cafés across Asia, Fitzrovia is the first home for Greyhound in Europe. Inside you’ll find a Bangkok bazaar-style restaurant with a menu inspired by both travel memories and midnight fridge raids. Dishes are made in homage to classic Bangkok cuisine, but always with a signature Greyhound twist (or wry smile!): Salmon in Hot Pursuit (sashimi salmon with chilli green sauce), the ever-mysterious Complicated Noodle (DIY taco-like wrap with soy-braised pork and herb salsa ) and Pork Knuckle Tod Krob (deep fried until golden and sticky). All in, we’re expecting big things from Greyhound’s first foray in Europe… your move, Bhanu!


Originally published on
26th January 2018


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