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The Westerns Laundry crew have a sweet tooth



21 Newington Green, N16 9PU

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September 2018

Jeremie Cometto-Lingenheim and David Gingell of Westerns Laundry and Primeur are the latest in a growing trend of restaurateurs to branch out into bakeries. At the new Jolene in Newington Green, the team have brought in farmer Andy Cato to help them make everything from scratch each day, milling Andy’s rare grains into flour for breads, pastries and fresh pasta. Get down from 9am for everything from naroques bread and sausage rolls to madeleines, palmiers and cinnamon buns, before Jolene turns into a simple plates restaurant for dinner. We love the idea of the all-day fare: it’s not often done well in London, but Jolene will be in good hands – even if it does send Dolly Parton rushing into our heads at every mention.


Originally published on
4th September 2018


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