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Lady of the Grapes

Organic, biodynamic and all about women winemakers



16 Maiden Lane, WC2E 7NA

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July 2018

A wine bar specialising in organic, biodynamic, low sulphites and natural wines? So far, so London. But Lady of the Grapes comes with the intent to make women winemakers as visible as their male counterparts, and that’s where this Covent Garden arrival gets intriguing. Their crowdfunding campaign ended in July, and it’s now set to open later this month, serving around 100 organic wines, more than half of which are produced by female winemakers. Carole Byron (Grocery Wine Vault) is the woman to watch behind the project, with Victory Garvey providing the southern French-inspired dishes and sharing boards also available to order.


Originally published on
10th July 2018


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