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The Spread Eagle

Homerton's all-vegan pub

Jade Nina Sarkhel


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If you were worried London’s first all-vegan pub seeming like a bit of a gimmick, don’t be. Yes, that means all the food, drinks, fittings and fixtures are plant-based and sustainable, but The Spread Eagle is quite simply a great pub with some seriously good food. With Club Mexicana (who you might remember from their Pamela residency) at the helm, chickpeas and chia seeds this is not. We went in for their Mexican-Californian inspired vegan brunch, and our whole table opted for the chick’n and waffles (which, we have to say, rivalled and even beat some of the actual chicken and waffles we’ve had). We of course had to try some chilaquiles (breakfast nachos) on the side – the fresh, tangy flavours are a good companion for the indulgent waffles. As for drinks? We stuck to coffee (no need to ask for dairy free milk here) but we were intrigued by the avocado colada. If this is where plant-based is heading, we’re down.

Originally published on
18th December 2018


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