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Ottolenghi brings Nopi to Fitrovia



55 Wells Street, W1A 3AE

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June 2018

It’s “a little bit of Nopi and a little bit of Fitrovia,” according to Yotam Ottolenghi, who is adding Rovi to his expanding restaurant empire. Vegetables, cooked on the grill or fermented, lie at the core of Rovi, while the bar focuses on seasonal cocktails and dynamic low-intervention wines from small producers. Interior-wise, Rovi takes its cues from Bauhaus (chosen by designer Alex Meitlis, a long-standing Ottolenghi collaborator), with a large oval cocktail bar taking up the main room, which is open to both drinks and diners. Rovi stays laid-back with its menu too, with many dishes available in different sizes (to share or have as small plates), and yes, those famous Ottolenghi salads will be available to take away at lunchtime via a small deli at the front. Rovi is open from 21st June and reservations can now be made here.


Originally published on
9th May 2018


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